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Flirting February fun......

February - the shortest month, yet the month that is commonly known as the month of love - with valentine's day sitting right in the middle of the month, to celebrate love, devotion and everything in between.

Did you know that on the second Sunday of every February it is International Marriage Day - sometimes it may even coincide with Valentines Day! This day originally came about from the Catholic Church - with the purpose of World Marriage Day to emphasise the beauty of marriage and to honour husbands and wives for their faithfulness and sacrifices. Marriage isn’t just about 2 people (unless you want it to be) that choose to choose each other every day - it can also mean family and everything that entails as well.

We also have International Flirting week, which is always the second week in February - now this sounds more like it - what is it to flirt? To be coquettish and alluring, to appeal to another in a way that makes them want more and to be drawn into your aura, flirting is something that if married - you should still be doing, don’t ever stop - keep the spark and the excitement alive, flirting is what gives us butterflies in our stomachs and makes us want to have our necks nibbled.


Maybe you are single and it’s time to start up a little flirt - well this is the perfect time to get started - or maybe you have been married for years and you need to remind your loved one exactly what it is you love about them, tease them, send them flirty little messages, and be playful with it, flirting is not heavy or serious, enjoy it and have fun.

You don’t have to go crazy, dinner made at home, with your favourite tipple - a picnic on the beach (for those of us that live on an island) or maybe even just sprinkle the bed with rose petals, whatever you do do it with love- but be present, be attentive, and don’t forget to flirt.


Have fun lovers - may your month of love be filled with butterflies and nibbles………


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Alexander Starkey
Alexander Starkey
Feb 15, 2023

Great work 👍

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