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Home or Away?

Some love the idea of escaping for a far flung destination wedding - others will want to get married in the back garden of their parents house that they grew up in, whatever you choose make it right for you and your partner, that your wedding reflects what you want and who you truly are.

With the world being so much smaller and us falling in love with people from different countries and continents, then that is when a destiantion wedding seems to become the better fit - meeting the 2 families at a mid way point from one home to the other, that way both sets of families are making the same joint effort to watch their loved ones get married.

So why Thailand? The opportunites are endless - will you choose a private villa or a luxury resort, will you get married under the shade of a coconut tree or with the sea lapping at your feet, the food is full of flavour and the freshest ingredients make for a mouthwatering meal with your friends and family.

You can take out a boat for the meet and greet, so that everyone gets to meet each other, have a pool party at your villa, listening to your favourite tunes, while we fire up the BBQ for you - even have a UK vs Australia cricket match on recovery day on the lawn - yes this has been done, no I will not tell you the result! With stunning sunsets - fireshows and jumping in the pool, bonfires on the beach and yoga for breakfast before you start your day, Thailand has a lot to offer when it comes to a destination wedding.

Whatever your reasons for a destination wedding - make sure it is about what you want and what makes you happy - the rest will fall into place.


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