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How to budget in Thailand!

Thailand is home to some of the most astounding locations, our white sandy beaches, the private villas with landscape views, cascading waterfalls, everything you could imagine there would be in our tropical paradise… Planning a wedding in Thailand can be an unforgettable experience, but it requires careful budgeting to ensure that you can have your dream wedding without breaking the bank!

The first step you and your partner should discuss are your priorities…

Before diving into the budgeting process, sit down with your partner and discuss your wedding priorities… Decide on the number of guests, the type of venue, and the overall atmosphere you want to create. This will help you allocate your budget to the aspects that matter most to you both.

The next step would be to start researching our beautiful venues and vendors…

Thailand offers a diverse range of wedding venues, from luxurious beachfront resorts to traditional temples and magical gardens. Begin your research by looking into venues that align with your vision and budget! Additionally, explore local vendors for services such as catering, photography, and entertainment. Consider reading reviews and seeking recommendations from other couples who have tied the knot in Thailand… Although here with Weddings On Samui we carry an incredible team of caterers and photographers we recommend to all of our guests!

Now it’s time to set a realistic budget!

Budgeting for a destination wedding can be complex, so set a realistic budget early on in the planning process. Think about both the total amount you can afford and the portion you're willing to allocate to specific elements like venue, catering, decor, and entertainment… Don't forget to include additional expenses such as travel and accommodation…

Choosing the right time and season is crucial!

The timing of your wedding can significantly impact costs in Thailand… High season, typically from November to March when the weather is cooler and drier, often comes with higher prices for accommodations and services. Opting for the shoulder season (April to June and September to October) can offer more budget-friendly rates while still providing our balmy weather.

Perhaps consider an all-inclusive package?

Many resorts and venues in Thailand offer all-inclusive wedding packages. These packages can simplify the overall planning process and provide better cost control. Check what services are included in each package, such as accommodation, meals, decorations, and entertainment. Compare the packages from different venues to find the best value for your budget!

Your guests' accommodation…

If you're inviting guests to your destination wedding, think about accommodation options near the venue. Negotiate group rates with hotels or resorts to secure a better deal for your guests while ensuring their comfort and convenience during their stay…

DIY and personal touches!

Incorporate personal touches and consider do-it-yourself (DIY) elements for decorations and wedding favours! Engaging in DIY projects will add sentimental value to your wedding and help you save on costs. Moreover, it's an opportunity to involve friends and family in the preparations, to make them feel more involved on your big day!

Planning a wedding in Thailand will always be a magical experience, filled with cherished memories that will last a lifetime… By setting a realistic budget, researching thoroughly, and making informed choices, you can have the destination wedding of your dreams without blowing your budget. Remember to prioritise what truly matters to you and your partner, and don't be afraid to get creative and add personal touches to make your special day truly unique. Cheers to a beautiful wedding in the Land of Smiles!


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