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It takes 2 baby - just you and me!

I got the photos back from the super talented Toa a while ago, and have only just got round to getting this blog post done, and we had so much fun with this elopement for Marina and Davor, and I have been taking my sweet time looking through them all and deciding on what ones to post. I had posted a little teaser already on my Instagram page about a week after they were done - but these are the full edited stunning photos from that amazing day out in January.

We started off at Lost Beach Bar in Choeng Mon - a really good friend runs the super chilled bar, and it is the perfect place for a relaxed and stunning setting for a simple elopement for 2, or a bigger wedding should you so choose! With a stunning dried flower and hydrangeas moongate, and beautiful rugs for them to stand upon, the sea was lapping away gently in the background and once again the genius that is OK Flower Samui made a wonderful job of the set up. While Marina was at Nora Buri getting picture perfect ready by the girls from Make-Up Samui, we went about making sure everything was perfect on the beach with Davor.

The light was magical and just perfect for photos - it isn't the sunset side, but the dappled light coming through the tree and way the sun reflected off the sea and the sand, it was the perfect place for this magical elopement.

After Lost, we headed off to Namuang waterfall - we have had an exceptional rainy season, so the water at the waterfall was amazing - Marina's dress looked like she was completely in tune with the flowing water. This was the easiest and fullest waterfall to visit at this time - it is not gauranteed to be this full and flowing at other times of year!

Next was I-Talay, a gorgeous spot right down in the South of the island - with it's rickty bamboo bridge over the lotus pond it really was the perfect spot for an elopement photoshoot. For the best time of year you are really wanting to visit I-Talay at the beginning of the year - when the lotus flowers are in full bloom and the heat is not quite as intense as it can be in later months. Marina was a fantastic model for the day - a photographers dream when it came to poses and having fun!

With all that done we were chasing the light - so it was a hopeful dash to the stunning red temple of Wat Sila Ngu Temple for the sky to give us the deepest of blues, against the red of the clay and the blush if Marinas dress - it did not dissapoint us.

Elopements are so much fun - it's the 2 of you and WHATEVER you choose to do with it - Marina & Davor have an album that will stand the test if time, they were so much fun, and running around the island in that heat was a test to anyones ptience - however these 2 met just before Covid - with Davor visiting Marina for a few days and ended up in lockdown for quite sometime - to say that their relationship was put to the test early on, and to survive when the whole world around you is all fighting the same challenges - really is testamount to what they can go through together now they are married.


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