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Let the children play........

Children at weddings? They are a major part of what getting married and starting a family is about - so whether you choose to have them there or not - we are here to help you all have fun, but this post isn't about keeping the adults happy - that's easy! Give those guys a cold beer and a mojito bar - some great food and a DJ or band that know exactly what they need to hear to get the on the dancefloor, and they are gonna have a great night with their friends and family.

However, the little people - the ones that snuggle in for cuddles in the wee small hours - the ones that watch that same movie on repeat for days on end - that go through phases of only eating one colour of food - and have a favourite teddy that they need to get to sleep, or an activity that they LOVE! These ones - the ones that if they are happy - then we are happy - Weddings on Samui is here to make them have just as mich fun as the big kids.


Now - as a parent myself, I have gone through many stages of food - they will eat EVERYTHING you give them, and they will eat NOTHING that you give them - so much fun, and such a great game to play, EVERY.SINGLE.DAY!!! However, our amazing Chef knows kids - we know that you want them to have veggies - and we cater for them - knowing what kids will and will not eat - and eating at a wedding can be tricky! Our chef has his own 'Mini Guests' menu - Cheffy has even designed a kids buffet menu, what's not to love about that.


Party bags - filled with fun mini games, treats for the kids - glow sticks for the party and silly tricks that children love - what kid isn't going to have an absolute giggle putting a whoopie cushion under their uncles chair!!! We also have a great selection of lawn games that are great for keeping them entertained during cocktail hour - so much fun for adults, not so much for kids! Giant Jenga - Skittles or a game of Connect 4 on the lawn and the sun setting in the background. If you have lots of children then we can always arrange for the Circus to come and entertain them - teach them some tricks and keep them smiling while the parents enjoy the cocktails and being with their friends.


When you come for a destination wedding and you are bringing the kids - you want to make sure that both Mum & Dad get to enjoy this stunning location, the sunset photos with the couple, catching up with old friends - not missing the speeches and dancing the night away - then that is where we get in the nannies........fully experienced, the kids love them, they arrive in the afternoon and start playing with the kids so they are used to them, then when the time is right they take over, matbe just staying within sight or having a designated room in your villa for the kids and nannies to go and chill out. Parents take it in turns to go check on their little ones and they are never far away - and when it is time to leave, if not staying in the villa, you can scoop them up and be driven back to your hotel to sleep off the evening and rest those dancing feet.


Depending on the age of the kids - and the venue, we can take over a room, or some villas have their own cinema room built in - the kids can enjoy a chosen movie - happy for all to watch - grab a bag of popcorn and chill out, this is a great option for older kids, that maybe don't need a nanny or even if the younger ones have a nanny with them they will be in there, making sure they are ok and happy.


If you do have families coming then make sure that you have done a little bit of reserach for them prior - best places to stay with kids - family friendly hotels and excursions that can keep the kids entertained and the parents happy - remember a happy kid is a happy parent! We can help you with all of that, ask us, ustilise our island knowledge - no matter where you are booking your venue, we will have a list of hotels or options and great days out or things to do to keep the smaller family members happy.


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