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Mistletoe & Weddings

Updated: Jan 31, 2019

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire.........mulled wine.....turkey, the season of goodwill and also another month of love, many engagements happen at Christmas time, as do many weddings, it is a beautiful time of year, fairy lights adorn everywhere you look, the feeling of festivities and family gatherings are abound.

So what can you do to make your wedding extra special for December wedding?

Try using deep colours, reds/purples/maroons, use festive foliage, holly, berries, mistletoe! In fact put that mistletoe everywhere you can, then every time you and your partner pass under it, then you HAVE to kiss, I'm a sucker for a kiss, and think it should be done more and as often as possible.

Kissing under the mistletoe

Christmas wedding dining style

Gorgeous dark colours and chair wreaths can add that Christmas feel into your dining. Hang mistleoe over the table, and fairy lights, fairy lights fairy lights........

Deep festive colours

Using deep darker colours for your wedding stationary, will give guests that more festive feel, add some sparkle, a little bit of glitter here and there, goes a long way at Christmas time. Fill the invites with glitter - eco friendly though as we want to look after the planet while still making it sparkle!

When it comes to the bar - mulled wine, spiced cinnamon apple mojitos and think champagne towers and sparklers if you are going for a NYE wedding, everyone is already in the party spirit so why not enhance it by saying your I'dos as the clock strikes 12, and your friends and family holding aloft the sparklers - imagine the photo!

For food - get festive with your canapés and dining - mince pies for dessert with brandy cream! YUM

So if your thinking of a festive wedding, there are many ideas to add and make it that more special.


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