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Picking the perfect venue

Updated: Jan 31, 2019

When it comes to picking the perfect venue, Koh Samui and Phuket have villas and resorts in abundance, from hilltop sweeping views to boutique villas tucked away, there is so much on offer for you, you just need to pick whether you want to be Queen or King of the hill, or have the sound of waves lapping at your feet while you make your lifetime commitment to your one true love.


In terms of advice for your perfect venue then you need to think about the following:

Is there shade? It gets pretty hot over here in Thailand and having shade is a blessing for most of your guests, especially if they are from the Northern Hemisphere!

Is there a good back up plan in case it rains (it is the tropics) do they have an area that is easy to use at the drop of a hat, or a large enough garden or decking to erect a marquee if needed?

Where is the venue in relation to the nearest town/shop/guests etc? Logistics basically! I know this is boring, but when you find your perfect venue then you will need to think of your guests and suggest local places for them - taking into consideration all budgets and styles.


Weddings on Samui works closely with the best villas and resorts on the island, take a look at Villas and Venues to see what and who we are using in terms of leading villa rental companies - get in touch and see what we can suggest for your special day, we can also recommend nearby hotels, resorts or alternate villas for your guests as well- I am sure that with our knowledge of villas and experience of weddings we can find the perfect venue for you, to help make the memories even more memorable.



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