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Poetry or roses?

"What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name, would smell as sweet" William Shakespeare - he had a way with words, from writing stories that were full of love, unrequited love, passion, death and murder - it was all there, you can get lost in his pages, we have studied him over the ages - A Levels have been dedicated to his musings, plays have been watched and remade - movies have had adaptations of his works.

But do his words resonate with you - or would rather just a bunch of beautiful roses instead?

Florists have a field day (pun inteneded) with this time of year - bunches of roses are ordered, bouquets are requested to offer to loved ones, people everywhere are getting anything from a single solitary rose (which means you are the one) or a huge bunch of 999 (undying love)!!! Why? What is it about the rose that we use for valantines day?

There are many different colours and their meanings of the rose - red symbolises love, romance and desire, while the white rose is for purity, loyalty and innocence - combine the two together and its meaning is for unity.

The rose has a long history, with meaning for anything from love, beauty war and politics - and has been in cultivation for over 5000 years - starting it's sweet smelling life in China!

Or maybe it is the words of the greats that make your heart flutter - some people use others words, as they may not be able to find the words them self so easy to express - vows have been written with the likes of Keats and Shakespeare to guide them - or a heart tingling Pablo Neruda sonnet to express the feels they are feeling.

Whatever you love language is - it will speak to the right person - as only the song in their heart will understand the song in yours

Happy Valantines day lovers - whatever you are doing, wether it be grand evening away - or a trip to Paris (I mean wouldn't we all like to whisked away to Paris for some loving!!!) or a simple dinner at home for 2 - be in the moment, open your hearts and your minds to your human and have a wonderfully magical time doing it.

Love, roses and poetry to you all xxx


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