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The perfect marriage - Cheese & Wine!

Now I don't know about you - but when it comes to afters/desserts, I am rather partial to a cheeseboard - being washed down with a rather decadent red or port if it's Christmas, or my birthday, or a Sunday - you get the idea.

Today July 25th is National Cheese and Wine day - so what a perfect time to share a blog on everything cheesy for a wedding! It's like the perfect pairing - a few of my very good friends had cheese cakes for their weddings - and they were an absolute hit! I think one particular wedding we wrapped up the leftovers and then toured round NZ for 3 weeks - popping into wine regions along the way to wash it all down - good times!

Keep it simple - cheeseboards for your guests that they can share after the main meal - nibbling on a few slices/fruits/chutneys and pickles - the wine that you pair it with is also very important - luckily one of our best suppliers (and also one of my best friends) works for the wine company here on Samui - it's not what you know it's who you know in this field! So we can guide you along the way.

The perfect end to a delightful dinner - and sharing boards are easy to create and serve for weddings. Local fruits, homemade pickles and chutneys to accompany, and the best wines we have. It doesn't have to be for the wedding day it could also be the perfect recovery idea day - a few burgers and BBQ treats - followed by a cheesebaord and a bottle of wine - I'm salivating at the thought of it all!

As you are well aware - we are based in the tropics so havign cheese at your wedding is not only a logistiacal planning fun time - we also need to think about the best place to have it - maybe the vilal ro venue that you have has the perfect indoor space so that the AC can stay on - maybe we set the cheese on ice so that it stays chilled - whatever your preference, Weddings on Samui will be sure to make sure that it is perfect and looks and tastes amazing.

What about the cake - they look amazing and something a little different!

Adorned with fruits and little signs telling guests what they are - fresh herbs and drizzled with honey - whatever your preference we will make sure it is a tasty and enjoyable one.

So cheers - Happy Wine & Cheese day - It now makes me want to grab for the cheesebaord and pop open a bottle - I shall leave you with these last 2 images - if that doesn't make you decide what's being eaten today then I don't know what would!


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