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Tricks and tips!

Weddings are special moments that celebrate the union of two souls.. And while grand celebrations have their appeal, small intimate weddings are gaining popularity for their cosy and personal atmosphere. With fewer guests, you have the opportunity to focus on the details that matter most, ensuring a truly memorable and meaningful day… If you're considering a small intimate wedding, we've got you covered with these tips to help you plan an extraordinary yet intimate celebration!

The guest list!

One of the many advantages of a small wedding is the ability to curate an intimate guest list. Take the time to carefully select your loved ones, keeping the numbers manageable and ensuring those who truly matter are present. The aim is to create an atmosphere where everyone feels included and can genuinely connect with one another…

The ideal venue!

When it comes to small intimate weddings, the venue plays a pivotal role in setting the ambiance. Look for venues that complement the intimacy you desire, such as a cascading waterfall, a cosy villa, or a picturesque beach. Consider locations that hold sentimental value or reflect your personalities. Weddings On Samui can help you to decide where the perfect location is for you! No matter how your imagination may picture it, we can make it come to life…

Personalise every detail!

Make your wedding a true reflection of your personality and love story. Infuse personal touches throughout the event, from the invitations and decor to the menu and favours. Handwritten notes, photos, or meaningful quotes can add a sentimental touch and create a warm, inviting atmosphere. Small details are what makes your wedding yours so don’t be shy at telling us what it is you want at your wedding because we can make it happen!

Get interactive!

With a smaller guest list, you have the opportunity to engage with everyone on a more personal level. Consider interactive elements such as having a live musician, a photo booth, or lawn games to add a touch of excitement to the celebration! Additionally, think about organising activities such as a day trip around the island, take a day out together to bask in the sun on a beautiful boat with the people you love most…

Culinary delights!

A small intimate wedding allows you to prioritise quality over quantity when it comes to the food and beverages. Work closely with one of our talented caterers to curate a menu that reflects your tastes and showcases local or seasonal ingredients to your liking... Consider family-style or chef stations, as they encourage sharing and create a more communal dining experience. Don't forget to pair the delicious cuisine with a selection of signature cocktails or a curated wine list!

The ceremony!

The ceremony is the heart of any wedding. Embrace the intimacy by personalising your vows or involving close family and friends in the ceremony itself. Consider unique ceremony ideas, such as a ring warming ceremony or a unity candle lighting… With fewer guests, you can create a warm atmosphere that allows everyone to witness your love up close.

Capture the love!

Invest in a professional photographer and videographer to document your special day. With fewer guests, you can ensure that every moment is captured beautifully… These precious memories will be cherished for years to come, allowing you to relive the intimacy and emotions of your small and intimate wedding whenever you desire!

Planning a small intimate wedding offers a unique opportunity to create a warm, personal, and incredible experience for both you and your guests. From carefully curating the guest list to personalising every detail, each element contributes to a day that reflects your love story and celebrates the people who are truly the most important to you…


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