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Villa? Resort? Restaurant? Boat?

Picking a venue for your special day when it is for a destination wedding is going to be your biggest decision to start - do you go for many of the stunning resorts that the islands have to offer, or how about a private villa - sometimes if budget is tight then opting for a beachfront venue such as a restaurant could be your option - or something completely different - take a boat out for the day!

Depening on your budget/style/wants/requirements and needs - all of these factors can be taken into consideration fo ryour special day - so I have decided to give a few pointers/pros and cons as it were to help you on your way.

Resorts - Some of the best views on the islands, they already have all the staff required for the event - group discounts for rooms, different areas for different events that you may have on for your stay, most hotels and resorts will also have a great wet weather contingency back up plan - that may not be a huge additional cost, however some of the cons for them would be - less privacy, other guests in house - the prices can be higher for F&B, as their overheads are higher - music and lateness of event can also be determined in certain areas dues to other guests. There are some great smaller boutique resorts on the island - which could be a great option to take over and have all to your self for a few days.

Private Villas - I am biased when it comes to private villas - as personally I prefer them - we have more control over what we can do for you at a villa - the F&B fee's are less and we provide all you need to make the wedding of your dreams - with some stunning options to choose from around the island, beachfront - hillside - gardens, there is a plethora of options for you and your tastes. I guess the main con of having in a private villa is that you can only have a select few guests - or some of you may prefer it that way!

Restaurants - We have so many stunningly perfect restaurant spots here - taking over a whole restaurant could be just the perfect option - this was you can stay where you want - and the prices can be more reasonable, local Thai restaurants could be perfect - or maybe something a little more upmarket, with a classy bar and the perfect place to part the night away.

Boat - We have some stunning options here on Samui - beautiful wooden junk boats - catamarans, or something more unique like a purpose built party boat, but would work beautifully for a wedding at sea. Heading out on the open waves - getting married surrounded by the glistening ocean, and a stunning sunset - and then partying the night away with your own DJ and complete privacy.

The options can be endless and sometimes like a minefield - but that is why Weddings on Samui are here to help you and guide you along the way - helping you pick the perfect venue for you, that reflects who you are as a couple and the memories that you want to create together.


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