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Wedmin Wednesday

Wedding planning doesn't have to be stressful - in fact it shouldn't be stressful! If you choose to have a destination wedding then it makes sense to book a wedding planner - we know the vendors, we know the best spots for sunsets and sunrise, the contacts for boat parties and the perfect DJ that would suit you and your party, you should be able to enjoy the planning part of your wedding - leave the stress to us.

That being said - there are certain parts of the planning that will be down to you - the guest list, the RSVP's, the dietary requirements - but there are so many ways to make it easy - I'm not a fan of a spreadsheet myself, but damn it makes life easier!!! There are Apps these days that everyone can download, and it gives the guests the details of what you have planned - where they should be and recommendations for hotels/tours/what to wear etc.

The main parts that you have to remember is, CHOOSE YOUR VENUE one that suits you and what will work for what you are looking for. FIND THE PERFECT PLANNER, we are all different, we all have ways that we work, quirks that make us unique - shop around, chat to them all and pick one that suits you, one who gets your vision and will work best with you. The rest can be discussed and they will be there to guide you - what flowers go best in the heat, the type and style of food that you should go for, and what cockatils you should probably stay away from at cocktail hour!

If you have a year or 2 with planning - the venue/planner/photographer (these guys get booked well in advance) are your main priority - then set up a Pinterest board, get pinning and add your Wedding Planner in - then every 3 months - jump on a call, to go over what was last discussed and what is up next. If you get the chance to visit your destination venue prior to the wedding, then amazing, get in a food tasting, meet the chef and take a look around your venue, so that you can visualise it better.

Make it fun - give your bridal party jobs, and don't stress - this is the start of one of your biggest life adventures together and it shouldn't make you worry or stressed out in anyway. PLus when you get here - whatever happens happens - get in a massage, grab a cocktail and leave the running around and worrying to the professionals, at the end of the day, all that matters is that you are together, you are standing in front of your loved ones and saying 'I Do'



Making your Happily After Ever, should neither be a burden a stress or a worry - it is a celebration of your love for one another, your lifetime commitment and doing this together should be fun and exciting. And there's nothing wrong with a jug of cocktail or an ice cold beer to help the planning along - especially when it comes to deciding your wedding songs - that should be done dancing round the kitchen with your bridal party - NOW WHO SAID THAT WASN'T FUN!!!!


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