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Well hellooooo lovers........

It's been a while since I decided to pen anything here - the past few years, well let's just say, have neither been easy nor of the wedding planning kind! However I am starting to see the disco ball shining at the end of a long dark tunnel, the spring flowers are budding after a long long winter and I feel that talking everything wedding again is what you and I are ready for! Booking those flights, planning those boat trips, thinking about the best tropical cocktails to have and what perfect floaty dress will look exceptional under the shade of a coconut tree.

So many of my clients have postponed, cancelled and generally not had their Happily Ever Starter - to their Happily Ever After - but we are no longer dwelling on this, we are moving forward, or in the words of one of the best - Just Keep Swimming!!

Thailand is opening it's locked gates and it hasn't looked more beautiful, we had a breather for a few years, and the country has flourished - with local bars popping up, small boutique businesses gaining the recognition they deserve, the beaches and sea has never been cleaner, the wildlife, flora and fauna is putting on a show and we are ready to share it with you, so let's go! With travel now becoming easier - now is the time to start not only having those beautiful dreams of your Thailand dream wedding but, those dreams well and truly becoming a reality, so let's start talking - think that your wedding planning dreams are a daffodil and that it is ready to bloom into the full and beautiful flower it knows it will become - it will happen, it just needs nurturing and loving, and that is what we are here for, to help you give those dreams the right kind of care and attention.


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