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What do dads like?

Dads are a girl's first love, her first dance partner, her first hero, her first man of the house, her first idea of what a man should live up to be. A dad is girls first everything.

When it comes to weddings, much of the focus is often on the couple, the bride, and her dream day. However, let's not forget the unforgettable heroes of the occasion: the dads. Fathers play a significant role in our lives, and their presence at weddings is both symbolic and heartwarming. As we plan your special day, it's essential to consider what dads truly appreciate at weddings. Let’s create some thoughtful gestures that can make their experience memorable and demonstrate our gratitude for their unwavering support throughout our lives.

One of the most touching moments at a wedding is the father-daughter dance. This tradition is the transition from being daddy's little girl to a woman starting a new chapter in her life. Picking out a meaningful song that reflects your relationship with your dad, and taking the time to practise a dance routine together. This will always be a cherished memory for years to come for you both.

With Weddings On Samui we can create some things to give the dads something for them. We can do a whiskey and cigar bar for them to take a step back on this magical day to reminisce in all the love around them and really take it in with a cigar in hand. Weddings On Samui can also arrange a dad doo rather than a hen doo where the dads of the wedding can have a day together before the special day and go out for great drinks and an incredible asian kitchen at the Blind Tiger Asian Kitchen & Cocktail Club the ambience of the more masculine tone and comfortable area may be just what the dads need before they have to give their daughters away…

Weddings On Samui can also help to create something more personal if that is what you are looking for, whether it is hanging up beautiful pictures of you and your dads together around the wedding, or having a tailor made suit for him with our finest tailors on Koh Samui, or even the small things like having a special chair made up for him at the table… Whatever it may be that you feel shows the dads how much we appreciate them being there for you on your special day, we can make it happen. Let's make our dads feel loved and cherished on this momentous occasion. After all, their support and guidance have played a significant role in shaping the individuals we have become.


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