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Will you be my Valentine?

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

What does Valentines day mean to you? Is it a day to shower your loved one with all the mushy stuff? A poetic card, gorgeous flowers and a romantic meal - all of this sounds amazing, and I am a helpless romantic, however I kind of don't always agree with Valentines Day - caught up in the consumerism of you having to buy something for your loved one, on ONE day of the year - you HAVE to go for dinner on this day, you HAVE to buy the ridiculously priced flowers to show her/him you care........I'm a 365 kind of girl - write me a soppy note on a grey Monday, buy me flowers on a Thursday afternoon on your way home from work, because you saw them and you thought of me, make me dinner as a treat when I have had a rough day at the office........EVERY single day should be Valentines day - EVERY single day you need to work at the relationship and EVERY single day you need to let your loved one know they are loved! I don't think there is anything wrong in having a valentines treat - but remember love and relationships need effort and attention EVERY single day of the year.

It isn't just about the gifts and the nights out, the dinners and the flowers - it is about understanding, respect and commitment, every single day - a little smack on the bum as your cutie walks past - telling them they look HOT AS when they walk out the bedroom - even if they have just woken up and have bird nest hair, a message mid way through the day to put a smile on their face.


So get out there and love - love with all your heart, love every day, love the sunrise in the early morning mist and the sunset and the end of a is for living and loving

Happy love day - every day - every week - every month - every year, and if you do get a valentine on Thursday 14th then love it, and appreciate it, whatever you get is wonderful!


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