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Hello 2024 - What have we got in store?

That seems a bit crazy considering we are nearly at the end of the first quarter of the year!!! How has that happened? Since our last post, back in November we have been busy with weddings/meetings/clients, and generally working our butts off to kick start the year - now, with a slight break - I thought it would be good to catch you up with what the Weddings on Samui team have been up too!

We started the year with a stunning wedding at Ban Suriya in Lipa Noi - we turned our hand to using live plants at this wedding - and do you know what? This really works for me - it's more sustainsustainable, so less waste with throwing out the flowers - it fills up space and looks amazing! Now you have to be careful - as they need transporting and you need to make sure that the plants that you choose are going to be ok in the glaring sun that we sometimes have to subject them too - take a look at Adam & Ploys stunning set up to give you some inspiration, not just with live plants but giving those full on tropical vibes - colour everywhere!


Then February came along - we had a gorgeous intern join the team to help us out, and we miss her so much that she is already booked to come back next year! GiGi was the perfect addition to the WoS team and she seemlessly fitted in with our eclectic mix of staff and colleagues.

Feb's weddings saw a mixture of styles and designs - from muted nudes to colours popping, and even a White Lotus (The TV show not the flower) themed wedding - thankfully there were no deaths! We had our first wedding to Koh Tao - at the stunningly beautiful Sae Daeng Resort for the equally stunningly beautiful Peter & Tyler - I honestly don't think I have laughed and wept so much at the speeches - so much love for the month of love. For those of you that have been living under a rock, if you are on Samui, will also know that just recently they were filming for season 3 of The White Lotus here on our very own little island paradise - so be sure to look out for snippets of Samui if you are a fan!


I tend to not follow trends when it comes to weddings - I watch and follow what is out there of course, inspiration comes from observing and always seeing what works, however ultimately I go with what the clients have requested and we go from there - tell me your favourite colour or how you see your wedding going - then we can create something from that - Adam & Ploy loved my idea of the table plan that I wanted to re-create for them - we put our own spin on it - and we all LOVED it!


It has already been an absolutely amazing start to 2024 and we cannot wait to see what the rest of the year has in store - not just for us as a team and how we are growing but for our wonderful couples and to see what ideas and styles you bring to the table - it is an absolute pleasure to work in this industry, with amazing work colleagues and fantastic clients - it helps having Koh Samui as the best back drop to our working day!

Keep watching what we do - I can promise you in won't be boring!


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Mar 27

Fabulous summary of what has been happening Juliette. So very proud of you and the team for making dreams comes true for your clients. ❤️❤️

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