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Who runs the world - GIRLS!!!!

Happy International Womans Day ladies - we love to honour and respect the woman that have made a name for themselves in the Wedding Industry - so today we are going to give some love to some fellow ladies in the buisness I admire and love.

We can't really talk about woman in weddings without mentioning some of the worlds favourite dress designers, to start and let's be honets she is the legend, the phenomenal Vera Wang she has been on the bridal scene for years with her iconic wedding gowns, they are dresses made of dreams.

Caroline Castigliono - with her signagture style being the silhouette, which is without a doubt the epitome of femine style and effortlessly glamourous - you feel every part the leading lady in your own show.

One of my all time favourites and dresses I have daydreamed about would have to be the designer Amanda Wakeley - her style and eye for detail when it comes to wedding dresses is something to swoon over - I have my eye on a few.

Vivienne Westwood - I mean if you havn't seen the iconic scene in Sex in the City with Carries dress then, you need to get watching it - plus her shoes have adorned the feet of a far few brides over the years including one of my very dear friends.

Woman in business is something to be cherished - with their softness, yet unwavering power, eye for detail and a gentle approach to staffing and fairness - they work hard, and they also play hard - some having families to support and bring up and others rocking this world solo - whatever you are doing International Womans Day should be celebrated for all the woman in your life - your mother/sister/friend/aunty/grandmother - they are the Yin to the mans world Yang - the softness in a hard cruel world.

Also a shout out to some of the other women that I either work alongside and/or admire in the business - please check them out and everything they do.

Blossom & Bluebird - stunning veils

Nok - One of my favourite wedding videographers & photographers

Rachel Rose Weddings - If Spain is where you want to get married, then this lady is who you need to speak to.

Charlotte Hayes - Mounton Brook Lodge in Chepstow - another phenomenal wedding planner, just on the borders of Wales.

Cakes on Samui - when this woman came to Samui the level of what we could offer as cakes went beyind what we ever thought!

All of these woman - run their own show - work deligently to provide a service that is second to none - all with families and partners that are still loved and looked after - who ever said you can have it all, was talking about women.

A gallary of some iconic wedding dresses - a veil from Blossom & Bluebird - and it wouldn't be celebrating woman if we didn't add a little Jane Austen into the mix


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